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Rules to keep in Mind while weighing yourself on the Scale

Losing weight is a long and arduous journey that requires a lot of strength. While keeping the end destination targets small and achievable throughout the trip is important, it will be all the more rewarding if you see a difference in number as you step on the scales. Ask any weight watcher, even the tiniest drop in weight matters to them! But there are some guidelines that you need to follow before stepping on to the weighing machine

Four Golden Rules to Follow

However simple it may sound to measure yourself on the scale on a regular basis, there are few things you have to consider before you start using the weighing machine. What are the different types of weighing scales available in the market? What is the best time to measure my efforts or many such trivial things that could affect the accuracy of measurements? Following are the 4 golden rules to keep in mind to make the whole process fun, accurate & consistent.

1. Record your Reading and keep a track of It! 

Stepping at the weighing scale and seeing the small changes is a type of small praise or a milestone. However, simply as you overhaul your lifestyle, it’s also vital to maintain monitoring those tiny adjustments as well. Maintain a magazine entry, or truly mark down the numbers you notice each time you step at the machine. This way, you’ll be watchful of the changes taking place in your body. This tactic will even help you figure out if the eating regimen is supporting your goals or not, or you need to switch to some other diet chart & workout guide 

2.Morning Readings show a True Picture!

It is advisable to keep a track of your morning weight measurements only. In the morning, your body had enough sleep, plenty of time to digest the food, and was in the state of fasting for quite a long period of time. All of these factors play a role in regulating your weight and hence the morning weight readings would always give you the most accurate values. So, make sure to keep a track of your morning readings only if you are following a weight management regimen as it would help you track your true progress and would guide you if any changes need to be done in your regimen. 

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3. Am I measuring my weight too frequently!

However tempting it may feel to step on the scale every time you do a workout, it is not advisable to check your weight multiple times a day. Such readings would only increase your confusion as there are a lot of different uncontrollable factors that affect your weight on a daily basis. Make sure that your lifestyle is aligned with your long-term goals and every week you are making marginal improvements only. Never Forget – Consistent, effective effort leads to success. This is the moral of one of Aesop’s fables, “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

4. Try to keep the factors consistent while measuring yourself!

To ensure 100% accuracy, try to keep all the variables constant before stepping onto the scale. Such factors could be if you are wearing shoes or not before stepping onto the scale! Whether or not you are wearing heavy clothing such as jackets or sweaters before stepping onto the scale. If you are weighing yourself in the morning after getting ready before breakfast then make sure every time you take this reading only to track your progress. Try wearing loose clothing before stepping onto the weighing scale. If you go to the bathroom before you jump on the scale, go before you do it again next time. These variables would affect your measurements so make sure that you keep the variables consistent every day before the reading and try to inculcate them in your daily routine for smooth & easy measurements. Try keeping the weighing scale near your bed or bathroom for easy measurements.

The Bottom Line 

As we grow older, our body undergoes a lot of changes. We might put on some weight or we may start shedding some extra kilos. But in all, our lifestyle & eating habits need to be in check for us to understand how our body is changing with time. We might not know by ourselves that we have already put on extra 5 kilos after joining a new job because of a sedentary lifestyle or stress, but just a simple habit of weighing yourself every day in the morning would never keep this important information away from us. Above all, the number on the scale does not mean everything. The most important thing is to maintain a positive, happy atmosphere which motivates you to lose weight and helps you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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