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Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush. Who Wins This Debate?

To win the war against tooth decay, oral care is extremely crucial. Be it an electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush, both are effective in removing plaque, and maintaining your oral hygiene. In fact if you go by ADA (American Dental Association), they put a go on both electric and manual toothbrushes. 

For those of you thinking about which one works the best for you, we have curated this article with all the pros and cons mentioned, making it easy for you to decide. 

Let’s start with electric toothbrush’s benefits and more…

Effective Plaque Removal 

The micro movements in electric toothbrushes vibrate and rotate, cleaning your teeth, even in difficult to reach areas. Hence the plaque removal is better with electric toothbrushes and is also better for gingivitis. 

Also, a good quality electric toothbrush is rotational as well, and rotating ones are better than just vibrating ones. This is because the 360° rotation helps the bristles reach every corner of the mouth and ensure cleanliness of gums and teeth simultaneously. 

The Use of Technology 

One of the other benefits of an electric toothbrush is the technology leverage. The built in timers help you brush your teeth for the scientifically recommended time of 2 minutes. When you do that, you get enough time to ensure no debris is left, hence healthier teeth and gums. The beatXP range of electric toothbrushes comes equipped with Quadbeat technology, ensuring proper care for your teeth.

You Save Resources

This might be difficult to believe at first, but yes, investing in an electric toothbrush is much more beneficial than a manual toothbrush. This is because you only have to replace the brush head once it wears out, which you usually get for free with the electric toothbrush, or won’t cost you much to buy a new one. The bristles will also last longer than a manual toothbrush. 

Easier to Use 

Electric toothbrushes do not require you to do anything more than just holding the brush, and changing the area. Some electric toothbrushes even have timers to remind you to change the brushing area after 30 seconds. It’s also easier for people with limited mobility like arthritis, or any developmental disabilities. Also, electric toothbrushes are fun to use, so you can even encourage your children to use them, so they get consistent about brushing their teeth regularly. 

Gentle on people with orthodontic appliances

A genuine study found that people with orthodontic appliances prefer electric toothbrushes because they are easier to use. Although the study suggests that the plaque removal was the same whether the subject used an electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush, the electric toothbrush seemed more gentle on braces. 

Healthier Gums 

When used appropriately, an electric toothbrush will only improve your gum health, and prevent you from injuring them. Also, you will reduce the chances of any gum diseases, so if the question “is electric toothbrush safe” originates in your mind, know that electric toothbrushes are safe to use, even for children. 

Studies in favor of electric toothbrushes:

  • A 2014 Cochrane Oral Health Group study involving over 5000 participants concluded that electric toothbrushes were more powerful in removing plaque and reducing gum diseases compared to manual toothbrushes. 
  • Figuratively, the study mentioned that electric toothbrushes remove plaque 21% more and decreases diseases like gingivitis by 11%. 
  • Journal of Clinical Dentistry in 2002 also favors an electric toothbrush over manual one. 
  • Most recently in 2019, the Oral Health Foundation ruled in favor of electric toothbrushes. To be precise, Dr Carter-CEO Oral health Foundation, stated:

“Electric toothbrushes, especially those with heads that rotate in both directions, or ‘oscillating’ heads, are really effective at removing plaque. This helps keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay.”


  • Budget: An electric toothbrush will cost you more than a manual one, but will last longer. 
  • Charging: Unlike a manual toothbrush, an electric one requires you to charge the device. But the good news is that it can last months on a single charge. 
  • Vibration: Some people may not like the vibrating feeling, it might take some getting used to.

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Let’s start with manual toothbrush’s benefits and more…


You can find a manual toothbrush at almost any store at a price as low as INR 20. 

Good cleaning:

A manual toothbrush will also clear out the debris and plaque, but it is generally noted that while using a manual toothbrush, people tend to brush vigorously, causing gum injuries. 

Expert TIP:

Replace your brush every three to four months, or even quicker if you have been sick. In case of a manual toothbrush, replace the whole toothbrush, while in an electric toothbrush, just replace the brush head. Also, brush twice daily for good oral health. 

Key Takeaway:

Both the kinds (electric and manual) will help with your oral health if you are consistent with brushing. It’s just that electric toothbrushes may be easier to use, hence resulting in better plaque and debris removal. Consult your dentist if you still feel the need to. 




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